Friday, 6 December 2013

Nainital- Lakes all around (Explore more)

I am continuing my last post which was all about travel distance from Delhi(India) to Nainital(India). And if you missed it, just go to this link Nainital-Lakes all around.
       In the last post I told you how to reach Nainital from Delhi and other places. Now you are in Nainital city which has a beautiful lake surrounded by high mountains. Everything here is fresh and green. You will love this place, its beauty, evergreen forest on high mountains, lake & boats, Mall road and other tourist places.
So we will start with Mall road, Everyone would love to walk on Mall road. If its a summer time (May or June) the traffic will be closed for vehicles and this is the main attraction for all the tourists. Mall road starts from Tallitaal and ends at Mallitaal or you can say Mall road is the link joining Tallital and Mallitaal (for non kumaoni readers the one end of lake is called Tallitaal and the other end is called Mallitaal). Also you can take a Boat ride there are Paddle/Pedal boats , Sailboats, Riverboats and many more. Boats are easily accessible and will cost you around 180 full lake.


After you are done with Boat ride you can try Cable car or Ropeway which is also one of the main attraction of Nainital. This ropeway connects Nainital flats to Snow-view point.There are two trolleys to carry passengers.



You can have lots of fun at Snow-View point. you can see the Himalya range from telescope which will be provided by some vendors there, they will charge you fee for that. There are other high mountains where everyone would love to reach Like Camels back, Tiffin top, High altitude Zoo etc..
                 There is a Tibetan market where you would find Candles, Local fruits, clothes, shoes and many more eye catching stuffs and if you are food lover then there is Tibetan food for you specially Momos and Thukpa which are very delicious try them once.

                                                                                     Momo's and Thukpa

Tibetan Market

                                                                                Naina Devi Temple

Tifin Top:  Another place to visit in Nainital is Tiffin Top. A popular picnic spot and if you love capturing photographs this would be the best spot for you to capture all the scenic beauty of the hills.

                                                                                Tiffin Top


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